Sunday, July 01, 2007

God is Good....

I wanted to share with you God’s goodness to my family tonight. Josh and Marda and the girls were down this weekend because Josh was speaking at my church’s family camp. We had gone to a local restaurant for dinner after church tonight and were sitting enjoying each other’s company. Then bang. Literally. We were at a restaurant and suddenly we were all under the tables. I don’t know if it was a shot or things falling. It happened too fast. There were a number of men with guns robbing the place. It was amazing. The girls were absolutely quiet. Josh was praying, Marda was praying, I was praying and the girls were praying. I saw them taking things from other people from under the table and was frightened they were coming towards us. But then they were gone. We’re all ok. No one was hurt and nothing of ours was taken. Not that losing material possessions would have mattered at the time. It just would have made it a little more scary for the girls. God is so good to us!!!!

We got up. Hugged each other tightly. Then Caitlyn looked at my brother and said that was so close, but God saved us. God saved us.

We are all doing well. It is good to know that God is in control even when there are men with guns. Pray for the girls. McKenna and Caitlyn were calm immediately afterwards, Cambria was pretty scared. She seems to be fine now but we hope this provides us another opportunity to learn to trust God even when life is frightening.

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