Monday, June 11, 2007

Updated Prayer Request

I am very thankful for the many times I heard Jack's sermon on the providence of God two weeks ago. When I went to park for my interview this morning, I thought to myself that this was the least crowded I had ever seen the parking at Home Affairs and that the line was really short. Maybe Mondays aren't as busy. I also noticed that the photo id van where you can get passport pictures done was missing. Hmm.... Then I went to the door where you go in to the office I needed to go to and it was locked. Another hmm.... I went around to the front of the building and saw the sign notifying people that due to the public servant strike (which I had forgotten about) there only limited services available. Surely, I thought, the woman who scheduled my interview two months ago will be here. Nope, she was on strike too. Please continue to pray that I won't need to wait another two months for the next available interview but will be able to get one done shortly after the end of the strike.


B & J said...
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B & J said...

Hi Beth!
I wanted to say a quick hello. I just read some of the posts on your blog and have been very encouraged to hear about how the Lord is using you in South Africa!!! You have had some very interesting experiences too. I will be praying for your interview. Brian & I are doing good. I will be visiting Rachel in July ... :o)
love you my sister in Christ,
Janet, TMC

Greg, Niki & Addie said...

Hey Beth-
Saw your post on our blog and yes, Debbie has moved. I know, SHOCKING. I'll tell you more, but need your email address (I can't find it).