Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Not being overwhelmed by fear

I meet my neighbors tonight- not quite the way I would have wanted to though. I had said goodbye to some girls who were here for a Bible Study and come in to answer some e-mails. I was sitting here and I suddenly hear some shouting and what sounds like a shot. I quickly ran and turned my alarm on and then looked outside to see what was happening. After a little while, I went outside to see what had happened. Apparently, when my neighbor across the street had come home, some guys had come up behind him with a gun and had tried to take his car. They ended up shooting at him and leaving. What I also learned was that it is the second time this has happened to one of my neighbors in about three days. Crime is definitely up right now in my neighborhood.

Its a hard balance to be careful and wise but not be paranoid. I have decided though that as soon as I have saved the money I'm going to get electric fencing. Just one more deterrent to coming into my yard.

So, what in the midst of all this has kept me from being overwhelmed by fear? Well, one thing has been abundantly clear to me recently. God does protect us. We weren't at the restaurant Sunday night be accident. God planned for us to be there and was very gracious to us. We were probably one of a few that nothing was taken from. What makes that more amazing is that for most of the time, my purse was out in the middle of the aisle and my phone was in plain sight in the table. How could they not have seen and come for such an easy item to steal? I really believe God blinded their eyes and kept them from us. Amazing and comforting to think about!

Yet I also believe that if what I could have imagined as the worse thing to happen that night- say one of my nieces getting shot or killed-, God would have been just as faithful to us and just as sovereign over the events of the evening. Now, don't get me wrong. I am soooo thankful that he choose to show his faithfulness the way He did but I do rest in the fact that nothing happens by accident. God has never had an 'oops' moment. He never thinks, "How did that slip by me. Hmm.... didn't mean for that to happen." No, whatever happens is by his plan and design and it is for my best and for his glory.

Those are the things I think on to keep me from being paranoid and being overwhelmed from fear. Please continue to pray my mind would dwell on what is true and right and that God would continue to protect and keep me safe!

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