Thursday, April 26, 2007

Another Find...

Every now and then I find something at the grocery store that excites me. Tonight was one of those nights. I found....... (drum roll please)......... Haagan Daas ice cream! Ice cream here doesn't excite me at all so it was exciting to find some worth eating. It was outrageously expensive but well worth it!!!


rick said...

Mmmmmmmmmmm... good stuff. What flavor?

And thank you for finally solving the mystery of who in South Africa has been checking out my wife's and my blogs =).


Greg, Niki & Addie said...

Yeah for Haggan Daas!

As for the question about my daughter's shoes... Well, we had a good laugh thank you. For the record, we have only bought one pair of them, but she does have 9. Not counting the play rings she likes to pretend are high heels. (Greg is sighing about all this)

Mark Economou said...

If I'd known you really liked Haggan Daas ice cream, I would have mailed some to you!