Monday, April 09, 2007

Packages From Home

I had a friend who spent some time in the states recently and brought back some packages from some wonderful friends!!! Thanks so much Eilene, Carol and Sandy! You are amazing friends and are like sisters to me. Included in the packages was the beautiful pillow above which matches my living room perfectly. My friends who were here when I opened it commented on how "Beth-like" it was :) . The also included some things I needed like Tylenol Sinus and a few other things.

Included were also somethings I enjoy like chocolate chips and spice jelly beans.

More then the items, it was wonderful to have reminders that people from home care and love me! It makes home feel not so far away. It was such an encouragement to me. I always struggle when people ask me what they can send me. Its not that I don't have a list of items that I miss because I do. I'm not sure what it is but it seems weird to ask people to give you things. I know they don't view it that way and I'm glad for those who ignore me when I tell them not to do it.
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Sam I am said...

Hey Beth-
I just caught up on your blog (it's been a while for me). I am so moved to hear about the joys and sorrows of the African people and I'm always moved by the humble efforts of you and so many others that are on that vast continent of sorrow. I try to do my part from here...the part that God has for me these days, but I hope that He allows it to change someday part, that is.

Everytime I read or see anything about Africa I am so moved by the immense need for Christ, immense need for food, immense need for water, immense need for parents...the list never ends, right?

Thanx for writing and sharing and offering us your's helps pave the way in many senses. Thank you for hard work and for allowing the Spirit to guide and direct (and thanx for taking advantage of the internet and keeping us updated!)