Thursday, April 19, 2007

Get this....

Ok, I found out today why the school I have been mentioning does not have permanent buildings. Apparently, it was placed on land that could become sink holes. Can you imagine that? Putting 1300 students on land that has the potential to swallow them up!

Here's the craziest request I have gotten in awhile.... Yesterday someone buzzed my gate. My instinctual response is to open the gate when someone buzzes. I have learned to resist and look to see who it is. I looked and didn't know him. The guy (who was obviously high or something) told me his car had broken down and was wondering if I could give him and his friends (who were nowhere to be seen) a ride home. Hmm...... let me think about this one......... My reaction was to want to say, "Do I look that dumb? I wouldn't even do that in America." In case you're wondering, I said no.

Its a pretty common thing to have someone stop by asking for money, food or trying to sell me something. There was one guy who stopped asking for money to pay the mechanic to get his car back from the garage. He had left his wallet about 45 minutes away but once he got his car he would pay me back. The funny thing was that he was back a couple of weeks later. Only thing this time it was his TV that was broken and he needed the money to get it because he had left his in his brothers car who lived about 45 minutes away. He would bring me the money later. I told him he had really bad luck to keep forgetting his money like that. :)

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