Friday, May 11, 2007

God is Good....

All the time! We were talking today in the Lambano office about God's goodness to us this year and I wanted to share. Last year at this time of the year, we had buried our 4th baby. This year we are about to send our 4th baby out for adoption! What a difference!

As we were discussing this, Martha got an e-mail and called us over asking if we thought it was for real. We received a note from a company telling us that they had deposited R195,000 into our bank account. That's about $30,000. After checking it out we discovered that it was part of this company's tithe. Another evidence of God's goodness to us. Last year we struggled many months to cover salaries. In fact, one of the workers in the office went for several months without getting paid. This year, God has abundantly provided for us. I am reminded though that God was just as good to us last year when we struggled. Our faith was strengthened and we were taught to trust Him in new ways. Good lessons to learn.

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