Tuesday, April 03, 2007

More on the township schools

This is where the 2nd grade class meets. They only have 60 kids in this class but clearly don't have enough desks or chairs for all the students. Notice the hole in the floor in the 2nd picture. Its been that way for several years. They keep requesting it be fixed but no one comes to fix it.

This is the whole in the wall of one of the buldings. You can see right through to the other side of the building. The pictures actually make the building look much nicer then it is.

Imagine though sending your child to a school in this condition or to a classroom with 60 children and one teacher. Imagine not having textbooks or school supplies. It made me very sad for these children. What kind of hope do they have for a future better then their current life?
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Anonymous said...

Loved catching up on all you're getting involved in- WOW. You had better not visit in Malawi or else you'll want to stay there and help out too! Loved chatting. AB