Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Township Schools

I spent most of today in Katlehong. We had some visitors from Luxembourg in town who are helping to raise money for some of our projects. One of the projects is a hot meal program that we hope to start in two schools. This program will help feed approximately 2300 children. For many, it will be their only hot meal each day.

Part of what we did was visit the schools we will be helping. Both schools have prinicpals that really care and who often give of their own money to help the students. Neither of the schools have facilities that are anything to brag about. Both schools have few textbooks and few school supplies. Both schools have overcrowded classrooms but the one school really made me want to cry.

This is a picture of the school building. They are containers that have been placed together and are being used because the government won't provide the money to build proper classrooms. These containers were donated to the school.

The next two pictures are of the room used for the kindergarden class. They have (sit down when you read this) 92 students that meet in this room. That's not a misprint: 92! Can you imagine???? In addition. the roof leaks and there is no heat.

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