Thursday, May 24, 2007

Super Conrad to the rescue!!!!

Tuesday morning was not the morning I had planned. To being it overnight it had gone from summer to winter. My brother laughed when I told him it was freezing but it really was. It was in the 20's when I got and it was bitter cold. I'm not complaining, just stating a fact, but I still can't figure out why in the world people would build houses without central heat. And when they tell you it doesn't get cold here- its a lie :) I saw my breathe in my house the other morning. :-)

Anyway after I woke up, took my shower and began to get ready for the day, I walked into my spare bedroom. I listened for a moment and thought, "That's a weird sound. It sounds like rushing water above my head. Hmm....." I then looked on the bed and saw that the bedding was soaking wet. Another hmm...... I thought, "This is why I never wanted to own a house. When things go wrong, there's no one to call and it all comes out of my pocket to fix it."

Thats were Super Conrad comes in. He's pictured above with his wife Jennifer. They're here for a year volunteering. He's been building the AIDs hospice and she is teaching Lambano preschool. I quickly canceled Bible Study and called Conrad to check and see what was happening. He willingly and cheerfully climbed up in my ceiling and found the problem. It wasn't a burst pipe just a leaky connection. Someone working on the pipes before decided to seal them with electrical tape. He spent several hours in my ceiling and was able to fix the problem.

I am often challenged by Conrad's willing, cheerful servant spirit. He is quick to lend a hand and do whatever. Nothing ever seems to much or inconvenient. He really is an example to emulate! (And he'll be very embrassed that I wrote this blog about him.) What a blessing to our church and to me! Not sure what I'll do when he's gone back to Canada. Not sure if we'll let him go back to Canada. I often wonder what people do who aren't saved. Life would be a lot more expensive without a handy man to call :) What a blessing to have brothers and sisters to be able to help when needed.

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biedebach said...

enjoyed your blog - went to josh today. he told everyone that benjamin was his child! sandy dropped by the salon too - she is just delightful :) see you soon. love ab