Monday, May 14, 2007

God as Protector

I have often told people that one of the benefits of living in South Africa is that you come to know what it means that God is our protector in new ways. Last night I was reminded of this (or should I say I reminded myself of this often as I tried to fall asleep.) I awoke at about 1am to the sound of the alarm going off next door at the Lambano house. I assumed that a cat or something had set off the outside perimeter beams. I laid their for awhile waiting for them to turn it off so I could fall back to sleep.

I waited... and waited... and waited getting a little annoyed. What were they thinking??? So I called and asked if it was their alarm. Our worker told me that they were waiting for the security company to come because she had seen two men trying to open the gate. They were trying to steal my car that had been left in the driveway earlier that day.

I heard the guys from the security company come and waited a couple of minutes. I stood there in my bedroom thinking how I should go over and check and make sure everyone was calmed down and see how the staff were doing. I was ready to go over but for some reason I didn't. What I didn't know was that the men were trying to open the gate from inside the yard and not outside. The had stayed in the yard when the alarm went off. The loud noise I heard after I had decided not to go over was the crooks jumping on the roof and running across it to jump into the yard on the other side (Another Lambano house) If I walked over when I wanted, I could have walked into a bad situation.

God is good and continues to watch over us and protect us. I woke this morning praising Him for that! We have had several thefts lately at Lambano in the middle of the night but no one has been hurt and the items taken have been insignificant in some ways.

A funny note... I was talking to the kids this morning at one of the other houses. Apparently, their alarm went off in the middle of two of them having a fight. Noma said "It was a cat." Junior said, "No it wasn't. It was God telling you to shush and not fight." Noma insisted it was the cat and Junior said, "Nope God was saying be quiet...." It was really cute.

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TJ said...

Yeah! I'm glad nothing was stolen. We just had a couple of hundred dollars stolen, which is a small fortune here. It's hard when you trust someone/people and then get taken advantage of. What kind of car do you drive?
We hope you're doing well.