Friday, May 11, 2007

Some Prayer Requests

1. Please be praying for a foster mother training course I am teaching in the township. We have about 45 people attending each week. This is a tremendous opportunity to help these people learn how to better care for the children in their care and also to present the gospel. One of the issues we will be discussing next Friday is how Christ and the gospel are the answer to the AIDs epidemic.

2. I speak tomorrow at a Mother's Day tea on Biblical Relationships. Please pray that God helps me accurately handle the Word of God and uses it in the lives of the women there. Pray that they are doers of the Word and not hearers only.

3. In the coming weeks, there will be many people traveling here for various ministry trips. Matt Davis, a TMC student will be coming on Tuesday for 10 weeks for a mission's internship. The following week my pastor from the states, Jack Hughes, and Scott Ardavanis will be coming to speak at our South African Shepherd's Conference. In addition two other couples will be coming from the states to visit and see some of the work here. The beginning of June a team will be coming from GCC for a short term trip. And more excitingly, my brother and his family arrive June 8th to live here. Yeah! In July, two women from the states will becoming to volunteer for a few weeks at Lambano. Please pray that God would keep them safe as they travel and more importantly, that God would use their time here both in the lives of those they will minister to and their one lives.

Thanks so much for your prayers! You are a vital part of the ministry here.

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Anonymous said...

Beth, I am so encouraged by your work there. I have traveled to South Africa, sent out from my church in Florida, on two occasions. I would love to talk further with you about your work there. I am a fourth grade teacher with a massive heart for children, adoption, and a burden for the AIDS problem. Please email me as I don't want to take up too much space on your comments page:) I am planning to come to SA this year again, and would love to maybe see your work there, as I have been following it on the internet for several months. Thanks, hope to hear from you - Melissa (