Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A trip to the clinic

Yesterday was a very sobering day. One of our staff workers asked me to take her to the local clinic to get tested to see if she was HIV positive. The stigma of AIDs is so great here that many who need to get tested are scared to and don't. So, this was a very brave and scary thing for her to do.

Its kind of weird to sit there and in some ways be waiting for someone to receive a death sentence. We're pretty sure that she has it but the test came back inconclusive. They did bloodwork and the tests won't be back until the end of next week. That's a long time to wait to know if your life is about to be changed forever.


petunia said...

Beth - i just came across this site today from pec's site - i was wondering how to pray for the staff worker that went for testing? Christian?

Beth Mack said...

Sorry, for some reason it is not forwarding me my comments so I didn't see this to respond to it. I am pretty sure Gloria is a believer. A weak one- not at a church with good teaching etc. Thanks for praying!