Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Two weekends ago I had the opportunity to go to Bostwana to speak at a Women's Conference. Bostwana is an African country of about 1.6 million people. It also has the highest AIDs rate in the world. I took two of the young adults (Kerry and Christie) from church with me. It was a very encouraging and refreshing weekend.

Friday night the pastor's wife hosted a dinner for about 8 women were we discussed why biblical counseling and the priority of discipleship in women's ministry. Two topics I am a little passionate about :). Saturday I spoke on God's Solutions to Life's Problems. The women were very eager to learn and teachable. It was a great day.

The church, Open Baptist Church, is a church of about 700 people and has about 37 nations represented in the congregation. It was very different to be in an African country that is not as racially divided as South Africa and were crime is not as huge of an issue. Gaborone neighborhoods are mixed with there be low income housing, middle class and upper class housing all in the same neighborhood. You would never find that here.

It was encouraging too to see the ways that the church is trying to minister to the community. They have developed a program where they disciple and train college students who then go into the local high schools and teach AIDs prevention and specifically abstinence. They have now been invited by the Department of Education to teach it in all of the high schools. What a great opportunity.

Kerry and I with Mary (one of the most joyful people I have ever met)

Kerry, Christie and I

Christie and I at a recent rugby game

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Sam I am said...

so cool. thanx for keeping us updated!

Pecadillo said...

So how is my favorite teacher ever?

Anonymous said...

Hi Beth,

Just happen to come across, your enormous article about your visit to Botswana on Sept 06. It’s a very – very interesting article!
My name is Collin [Basimanebotle] Marchand – born in Gaborone, Botswana, and I reside in Providence, Rhode Island. I wanted to find out which Church did you visit in Botswana and also am not sure if you are based in South Africa or California?

I am looking to join hands with an organization as well as the Church Ministries in starting an AIDS council for young girls under the Age of 21. My main focus is mainly, in my home village called Lentsweletau – which is about 45 KM from the Gaborone City.

My reason, behind this mission, is for the reason that my last visit to Botswana; which was last year October, 06.. I was touched by young girls who are HIV positive and the said part is; they do not even have a high school diploma – not because they do have the education; but because they contracted HIV at an early age.

One thing that you should understand is, Botswana Government still one of the countries; which has free education! But, the predicament is that, the government is facing is the War on AIDS.

Am departing to Botswana; on November 20th 07 – and I wanted to find out if its possible for me to get your email – to touch base with you and your church - In terms of working together. I have a full time job – but I want to dedicate myself in helping these guy girls, give them coverage, and support and advise them to believe that we can fight AIDS by empowering success.

Thank you Beth, and your team and your Church for the help an knowledge that you have passed though to Women in Botswana; about battling AIDS. And, also thank you for taking time away from your families, to visit my country Botswana.

Kind Regards,

Collin Marchand
Commercial Loan Processor
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E/Fax: 305-646-4921

Beth Mack said...


Thanks for your comments. It was Open Baptist Church. Norman Schaefer is the pastor. I am originally from California but now live in South Africa.

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