Friday, July 28, 2006

Home Improvements

Finally after two months of waiting, the electrician and the plumber showed up this week to begin work on my house. Consequently, my house was a disaster this week which is not something I really enjoy. What I am excited to see is the end result! By the end of the day, I should have electricity that works (meaning that I can have more then one electrical thing running at a time), a shower installed, hook-ups for my dishwasher and hot water for my washer.

I was thinking last night as I went to bed what a great picture these home improvements are of our spiritual life. Sometimes when God is doing major construction so to speak in our hearts, we don't enjoy or like the process but the end result is always worth it! The psalmist says in Psalm 119: 67 "Before I was afflicted I went astray but now I keep your Word."

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Sam I am said...

aman & amen. Congrats on power/ know, the luxuries!