Friday, July 21, 2006

Prayer Request

I mentioned in an earlier post that death is a reality here. I was reminded of that last night. We have a housemother, Gladys, whose husband died last night. It in some ways was a senseless death. He was sick and because he feared the diagnosis wouldn't go to the doctor's or the hospital.

I recently heard that 60% of the people living in the townships (the poorest areas) have AIDs. The problem is AIDs has an incredible stigma here which often prevents people from seeking medical help. It is seen as a curse from your ancestors and if it is discovered that you have it, you become an outcast. A common belief is that the cure for AIDs is to have sex with a virgin- which in turn perpetuates the problem.

Please be praying for Gladys and her daughter Prayer (who is 1). Gladys is a believer but I know this is an incredibly difficult time for her. Her husband was a pastor and they lived in the church parsonage. So, an additional issue for her will be finding new housing. Thanks for your prayers!

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