Thursday, March 13, 2008

Praying Children

One of the greatest encouragements to me is knowing that people are praying for me and the work here. An even greater encouragement is the two children below who faithfully pray for me every night. What a great thing for children at such a young age have a heart for mission and develop a pattern of prayer.

Mark prays faithfully that God will keep me safe.

Kyla began praying for me before I went to Africa and has continued to pray for me and the children here.
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Jen & Conrad said...

It's nice to see some pictures and hear a tiny little bit about what you've been up to lately! :)

sandy said...

Aww so cute. I am missing you. Wondering whats up girlfriend. Your hair looks great. BTW I quit my last job.

Shaunta' said...

Hi Beth,
My name is Shaunta'. I am a very good friend of Keisha Reid's. I miss her so much. Would you give her a BIG hug from me? I am serious...I think it would make her smile. Tell her that I love and miss her. It was nice reading your blog and getting to know you a little. Shaunta'

Jonathan and Rachel said...

Hey Beth! I wanted to let you know that someone in Almyra, Arkansas is praying for you too :)I think of you often when I become discouraged in my town or church and I'm reminded to serve here with the same intensity that you do there. Thanks!