Wednesday, May 28, 2008

May 2008 Prayer Letter

I'm back. Sorry it has been such a long time. Below you will find a copy of my recent prayer letter. If you would like to be on my e-mail update list, please let me know!

About a week and a half ago, 8 tired students arrived from The Master’s College. They were joined a few days later by 2 others. The original plan was for them to teach English in the two schools we are connected with in Katlehong. The subject list that they are helping to teach rapidly expanded when we met with the principals. In addition to English, they are now teaching Science, Math, Art, Life Orientation, Computers and Music. The schools have been very excited to have them here and have made every effort to welcome them. One even went as far as to have a Welcome Ceremony that included singing, traditional dancing and other acts.

The hope is that their ministry would continue to help us build bridges into the community that would provide avenues for us to share the gospel. What a tremendous blessing they have been to the ministry here. Many of them have had the opportunity to share the gospel in conversations with teachers and students and some have had opportunities to share the gospel in their classes. They have built wonderful relationships with both the teachers and the students and have been wonderful examples to those around them of what it means to follow Christ! One of the assistant principals made a comment to one of the students that really sums up the impact they are beginning to have. She said that to some people church was a hobby but she could tell that to them it was their life.

Another exciting development in the township has been the community worker God has provided us with. Many of you prayed with me that God would provide someone who was trustworthy and who was a genuine believer and able to share Christ with those we minister too. God has answered that prayer. In February, Pastor Vuyo, who is a graduate of Christ Seminary and also pastor of the church plant associated with our church, began to work with us in this capacity. He has been a wonderful addition to the work there and shares my burden to see a church planted in Katlehong.

An additional exciting development has been the fact that, Lord willing, we should receive the funding in June to begin the hot lunch program at these schools. We will be feeding around 2500 students lunch every day. For many it will be the only meal they receive daily. This is a huge undertaking but we are very excited to have it come to fruition finally!

Praise and Prayer Requests:

1. Praise the Lord for the great team from The Master’s College and their wonderful attitudes and their servant spirits. Pray that God would bless their ministry and that they would have opportunities to share the gospel with those they come in contact with.

2. Please pray for the safety of the team and those of us who visit Katlehong regularly. I know news of the violence in the township has reached the states. So far the violence has been directed at those living in the townships that are from other African countries. Katlehong has been relatively quiet compared to some of the other townships in Johannesburg and we are taking every precaution to ensure their safety but your prayers are appreciated.

3. Please pray for the safety of some of our Lambano workers who have been impacted by the violence where they live.

4. Praise the Lord for providing us with a trustworthy community worker and please pray for Vuyo as he tries to develop relationships with those we are helping,

5. I am starting an evangelistic Bible Study in Katlehong in two weeks. Please pray that God would draw those who come to Himself.

6. Pray that God would give wisdom and help as we start the lunch program soon. The project begins with building kitchens at both schools in addition to a dining hall. Please pray that this process would go smoothly and that God would provide us with the right workers for this project.
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Anonymous said...

It's good to hear from you again, Beth. I have been praying for you and checking for new posts often. There is much to praise the Lord for in today's post! Please do add me to your email list:
Thanks and God bless,

Caroline said...

Hi Beth
Greetings from Cape Town.
It is so good to hear of all the good works and growth at Lambano. Will keep praying for you all. Wish we could be there to share it with you. I really miss your smile and encouragement!
Love and blessings