Sunday, February 25, 2007

Three Words I Never Expected to Say

Here are three words I never expected to say. I miss exercising. Because I've been sick an in solitary confinement, I haven't been able to exercise for about a week and I miss it. I also have missed Carmel Frappucinos and American Ice Cream this week. Funny how being sick makes you miss your usual comfort foods.


Ruth said...

Hi Beth,

I'm so sorry you're sick! They used to say be careful of light that could damage your eyes when you have the measles. I have no idea if that is still considered valid or not.

But I am writing because Dee asked if I'd send you the 1 John bible studies we did in MOMs. The only problem is that I can't find any email address for you. So if you can supply that, I will send it. I'll be out of town though from Thursday until Monday. But I don't imagine that will be a problem.

I did enjoy reading through your blog and viewing the Lambano children at their Christmas concert. How charming!

I have my own story of African children performing. When we were in Zimbabwe in 1997, before going into Mozambique, I went to a tiny church in a town in the north where we stayed a few days at an inn with our daughter, her husband and 2 kids. There were maybe 15 white Zimbabweans and a row of young black children from a Salvation Army orphanage nearby. Their performance was amazing: drums, rythm and voices! Wow. I doubt those dear folks are even still alive, or if they are, they won't be there any more due to the sadness that is Zimbabwe.

Get well soon!

Love and prayers,
Ruth Hammer

Ruth said...

I must add one thing: Bible is always written with a capital B! How did I miss that!

Also, I realize you don't have my email address, and there is no way you will send it through this blog. So I guess that means I have to wait until tomorrow to get it from Janer in the office if I want to send it before I leave.

Bye again--Ruth