Thursday, February 22, 2007

My Frustration

I talked to my brother for awhile today on Skype. No that's not my frustration. :) (Yea for being able to talk for free! Even cooler was the fact that they have a web cam which means I got to see my nieces. Even cooler then that is the fact that they will be here in June!) Anyway, we were joking that since I am home sick I should use the the time to write about my deepest feelings and emotions in a blog. So this blog is for you Josh.

My frustration is this. I have been in many meetings over the last couple of weeks- talking with people about the health care crisis our country is facing. Just in the townships near us we have thousands of children dying from AIDs monthly. Children, who if they had access to the right drugs, would be alive right now. Every week we go to the township with the hope of helping to identify children who are HIV positive and are falling through the cracks. The problem is when we find them and send them to the government clinic to get put on ARV's they often are sent home without help. The drugs are there available to people but they can't get on them.

My frustration is this: frankly, many just don't care that children are dying. And the people who seem to not care that they are dying are the ones who can do something about it. Nobody seems to want to acknowledge the fact that there is a problem much less do anything about fixing it.

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