Thursday, October 04, 2007

Christmas in October

Today was a very fun day. It started off by having an encouraging time with our new worker. How refreshing it is to work with someone who on their own prays with parents about their sick children and who willingly volunteers to help wherever he can even when it isn't in his job description. WOW! What a difference!

Then in the afternoon I got to play Santa. Someone had sent money to help buy school uniforms for some of the children in Katlehong. (Actually two people have.) They specifically wanted to help two children I have mentioned in the past who are living with their grandfather. Now I work with people who have nothing but honestly these kids have less then nothing. I think they have one set of clothes. Its pretty sad.

Anyway, I took them to the shops today to buy school uniforms. I think they were a little overwhelmed with it all. I had some money left over when we were done and took them to a clothing store and let them choose some new clothes. I asked the woman who was with me if this was the first time they had been able to buy new clothing and she thought it was. It was really fun to show love to them in this way. How fun to think that they are going to school tomorrow for the first time with a school uniform on and that when they get home they have some clean, new clothes that aren't torn and needing to be thrown out to put on!

One neat thing was the attitude of the woman with me. Its not like she has much. She has three children and lives in a shack in a squatter camp. I wondered what she would think about the money being spent on these kids and if she would feel bad I wasn't buying for her children. But she wasn't. She was genuinely excited about the good being done for them without a hint of jealousy. What a great example she was!


GreenEggsandSam said...

hey Beth!
sooo cool!

sandy said...

pretty awesome. Remarkable that the other woman had such a good attitude. Neato!! sounds like you are feeling better. We are pretty spoiled here in the states. Even if we think things are tight, we are truly so blessed. Can't wait till we can have lunch in Jan. I got a JOB!! Actually 3 tiny jobs, and I interviewed for two others. I should know Tuesday about one of them. Thanks for praying. I spoke with Alicia tonight, shes got the "barfey's" pretty bad right now. When your email is working send me your address. When is the next group from Grace commin there? TTYL love you