Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Bayley Jordan Mack

Introducing the first African- American Mack! Bayley Jordan was born on Monday at 7:50am. She weighed 7.05 lbs and was 18.9 centimeters and is very cute!

Much to McKenna's delight (as you can see below), she was born with red hair!
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GreenEggsandSam said...

Yay!!! COngrats...the kids look SOOOO excited! how fun!

Anonymous said...

Bradster and her might just hit it off someday! She is cute!

sandy said...

Wow, I did not even know Marta was expecting. Boy am I behind in the world of Mack's!! I know I hear your voice in my head.....what else is new!! Maybe it is those voices aforementioned that brought us together in the first place. CDL will be in the mail tomorrow, Lord willing!! Or I will have JOsh do it since he is so rich!! LOL Hope this finds you well, prayers, hugs, and love!! Sandy