Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Today is the day

Thanks so much for all you who have been praying for the situation in Katlehong. Lyn and I met yesterday with the witnesses and man, it is twisted- really twisted. We found out that she stole the money to pay for her daughter to get Sangoma training (which is witch doctor training.) We actually think that might be why God choose to reveal it now- because what she was using the monies for was so warped and just evil.

The hearing is today where we present our witnesses and she is able to defend herself. Please pray for that and for the outcome. Continue to pray that God would be lifted high even in the midst of this. Once the hearing is over, there are a myriad of details I will need to work through in the township as far was where we go from here. Please pray for wisdom in that!


sandy said...

Sounds like she admiitted stealing the money, if so, thats great! Hope you are feeling better. If I know you, you are not resting. So rest and get better.

sandy said...

so lets do lunch.......lol as if!!!! miss you!