Saturday, September 29, 2007

A Couple Of Things To Pray For

Just thought I would pass on a couple of things to pray for. About two months ago, I got an e-mail from a Master's College grad that had heard of the work here through a mutual friend (Thanks Courtney and Sam!). Her church youth group wanted to do a concert fundraiser to raise money for the ministry here. Was there anything specifically that they could raise money for. Well, while I was dying to say money for a new school, I know the larger priority right now is the money needed to finish the hospice we are building. It was so encouraging to see Christians that I don't know desire to be involved in the work here! WOW! Really, I can't tell you what an encouragement it was to me to get that e-mail. The concert is this weekend so please pray God lays it on people's hearts to give! Pray too for any who come to the concert who don't know Christ and that this might be used to soften their hearts to the gospel.

Please also be in prayer for my dad. He came back from the states with a bad case of bronchitis. (Those of you who are familiar with how long a bad cough stays with me can rest assured that it is a genetic thing :)and his will last even longer.) He teaches class this coming week for about 7 hours a day for 6 days straight. Please pray that he is sufficiently well enough to survive the week. I'd ask you to pray that if he isn't that he would ask someone else to step in but if you know anything about my dad- you know that will never happen :).


GreenEggsandSam said...

sorry about Daddio's sickness...those are Loooong days to be teaching whilst being sick!

Also, am I the 'Sam' referred to in this post? If so, who/what connection?!?!? :) I hope so...I always love when the blogroll of 'Musings' unites forces with other forces! :)

sandy said...

Ok Beth, I will start praying for these things. Thanks for letting us know. I need to update you on some stuff too. Skype me when you can. Hope your on line services are working still. Love and Peace!!