Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Please Pray for Mr. Masina's Salvation!

This is Pat Masina who is the Deputy Principal of the school we are trying to help. Please pray with me that God saves him! Because of his position of leadership and education, he has the potential to be a great influence for Christ in many people's lives in Katlehong!

When I saw him last week, he said one of the nicest things that anyone has said to me lately. He told me that even though I was white on the outside I must be black on the inside because I fought for them like a black person- with passion and follow through. He also said that while many have expressed an interest in helping the school no one else has followed through like Lambano and our church. It was very encouraging and I pray that God will help us to continue to be a light for Christ in a very dark place.
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GreenEggsandSam said...

PTL!!!!!!!!!!!! Way to go...action seems to speak! Thank you for your hard work!