Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Answer You've Been Waiting For

Before I tell you the answer, let me give you a little perspective. My friend just had a baby about 6 weeks early who weighed 2.08 kilos (about 4.5 pounds.) A newborn has to weigh about 2.27 kilos (5 pounds) to be released from the hospital. This little girl weighed 2.72 kilos when she came to us and had AIDs and TB. She also had been given no medication for either of these diseases. She had no teeth and her soft spot had not fully closed. Her mother had died two months ago and her father disappeared. Her age????? She was 16 months old....... Amazing isn't it? Amazingly sad that is.

She's a great example of why Lambano is working very hard to finish building our hospice. This little girl didn't need to die now. If she had been put on medication when she should have, she probably could have gotten better and lived a while longer. Why does this happen? Well, I think that the bottom line is that few people care. The hospital certainly doesn't care. The attitude is they are going to die anyway so why try to save their lives. To illustrate how poorly they look after the kids let me tell you about the paperwork we received with her. The doctor who released her was suppose to do an examination of her. The paperwork we received stated that he had examined and found that she had normal boy body parts and that they were functioning properly. Let me tell you, I checked... She had no boy body parts. I wonder if he even looked at her........

Sadly we got her to late. She died several days after she came to us. Sadder still is that the cemetery where she will be buried (which is one of many in the area) has buried 1576 children since March of 2006. On average, that comes to about a 100 children a month. I think its time someone starts to care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


sandy said...

mackey wackey lackey dacky hackey backey

Anonymous said...

Thank you Beth and all those with you that are doing a work for the Lord. I pray that thru your trials, lay your hand on your mouth and remember God IS God!