Thursday, January 14, 2010

Introducing Baby de Swardt

There are many things I had planned to write to update you on our lives but this seemed the most important one this evening. God has been gracious to us and we are expecting our first child August 24, 2010. It was a thrill to go to the doctor today and see that little heart beating. Please be praying that we would continue to trust the Lord in the midst of this. Some of you know we experienced two miscarriages last year. The doctor is very pleased so far with what he sees but we do trust that God knows what is best and will bring it to be.


Emily Luehrmann said...

Hooray! I am excited to hear that God has protected this little one inside you so fare. You are going to be an amazing mom. Praying for the road ahead and all the new opportunities to trust the Lord and become more like Jesus!

the Indian woman said...

We rejoice with you as you wait to see this little one face to face.

Mommy Roth said...

Rejoicing with you! Beth, it was great to finally find your blog and I will be praying for this life the Lord has put inside of you. May He give you confidence to trust Him day to day for His perfect will to be accomplished in your life.