Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tyndale Christian School

Over the last few months God has been expanding our ministry at Tyndale Christian School which was originally started by members of our church and meets on our church property (although it is not our church’s school). We were approached several months ago and asked to consider becoming part of the school board and helping to give direction to the school.

The school is struggling right now. It originally was spiritually strong and founded with a commitment to sound biblical theology. Over the years as the original founding members of the school have left, the school has lost its theological grounding and has begun to struggle. On the board there has been a spilt between the charismatics and those that are more reformed in their theology which has led to division. Shortly before we joined the board, the majority of the board members who were causing the division stepped down and now the school is in the process of rebuilding.

It has been exciting for us to become more involved. We are both committed to Christian Education and the importance of it. Additionally, the school is about 80% black and has many children coming to school from the townships. We would love to be a part of the school becoming more effective in its ministry to these children who so desperately need a solid biblical and academic foundation in life. My previous experience in the township has shown me how vital this is if we are going to reach our townships for Christ.

Let me introduce you to one of the students who is a picture of the kind of child we are trying to help. Pictured at the top is Sihle M. who has attended the school since the 1st grade. He is currently the Head Boy at the school. His mother died shortly after he was born and he has been raised by his aunt. He comes to the school from one of the local townships. His family is involved in a church where Christianity and ancestral worship are mixed. He knows that is wrong and can share why it is. Please pray that he will be strong in the midst of this. Next year he will be going to one of the local high schools which has an excellent academic reputation. In addition to receiving a solid academic foundation at Tyndale, he has also been given a solid biblical foundation and has been equipped to share Christ with others in the township as well as for future ministry.

Additionally Sybrand has had a wonderful opportunity to work with the teachers. He is presenting the Changing Hearts, Changing Lives material to them on a weekly basis. Our prayer is that this will help the teachers not just minister to the children on an academic level but to be able to help them shepherd the children’s hearts and impact them spiritually. Many teachers have commented on what a help these times have been to them on both a personal and a professional level

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