Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Highlights of the last few months....

  1. Teams: One of the biggest highlights was the two teams that came to minister here. The first was a team from The Masters College. They came primarily to minister at the two primary schools that I have been involved in. They were here for six weeks and had an incredible impact with the students and teachers at the schools. I can’t tell you how many comments I had about their attitudes and servant spirits. I was also told by a teacher that for the first time they saw what a Christian should look like. They were an amazing testimony to those they came in contact with.

The other team was the combined team from Grace Community and Calvary. They were a blessing and had many opportunities to share Christ and the gospel with many of the various schools in Katlehong. Keisha Reed who has been here ministering for a year along with our Malawian interns at the church have followed up with a Bible Study in one of the schools.

  1. Martha: A real joy for me these past months has been to spend time training Martha to replace me in Katlehong. She and I have spent a great deal of time together and she is a real encouragement to me and a great asset to the ministry at Lambano. A particular joy for me has been the fact that Martha has started taking the Biblical counseling courses my father is teaching here in Pretoria. Seeing her grasp these truths has been thrilling and it is especially exciting to be leaving someone biblically trained to continue the ministry.

  1. Evangelistic Bible Study: We started and have completed the evangelistic Bible Study in Katlehong. I taught the first week and it became clear that I was more of a hindrance then a help because of the language issues. Martha stepped in and has taught the class while I handed out food parcels so our worker could come. One woman made a profession of faith and about 10 others heard the gospel. Pray as Martha continues with this study in the New Year.

  1. Katlehong Church: Many of you know that I have been praying for a church to be planted in Katlehong. Well, I recently found out that God answered my prayer 4 years ago and I didn’t know it. Through some new contacts, I heard of an American who has been ministering in Katlehong. I meet with him and his wife a few weeks ago and was encouraged by their love for the Lord and their selfless ministry to the people of Katlehong. It is even in the same area that the people we help live in. Martha visited the church and it seems solid. How exciting to finally have a church to send people to! Martha plans to go one Sunday shortly after Christmas with some of the children we sponsor in Katlehong. The pastor has offered to pick up the children for Sunday school in the weeks following.

  1. Other opportunities: Other the past few months I have had many opportunities to minister to various women’s groups at several churches. Included in this was an opportunity to speak to a group of pastor’s wives on my favorite topic: discipleship. Additionally, I was able to be involved teaching a women’s class at Grace School of ministry (my father’s counseling course.) It was a real joy to be able to work with women from various parts of Africa.

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