Sunday, November 04, 2007

Charity Mile

I spent yesterday at a charity event for Lambano. Each charity was represented in a competition and we came in second- winning R60,000 (about $10,000). God was good!

It was a little funny because each charity was represented by a celebrity and being American I had no idea who most of them were. And I have to tell you besides the money given to Lambano the best part of the day was that some of the Springboks were there. For those of you in America, the Springboks are the South African rugby team and we just won the World Cup. Its kind of fun to have a team that represents the whole country instead of a state or a city. It really brings people together. Anyway, I did what I never do and in an effort to make some of my South African friends jealous had my picture taken with some of them there. To fully understand these pictures, you have to understand what a big, huge things Springbok rugby is here. I have to say they were very nice guys and were very gracious with the people at the event.

With Jake White the coach

With Juan De Viliers

With Schalk Burger
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Mark Economou said...

WOW!!!! Nice work, girl! They're more famous than Brady or Manning (NFL stars).

Geoff Drew would love this.

Way to go


Alicia said...

i find myself wishing i could have some CA food ridiculously often. i can't imagine if it was any US food-- what a challenge! i guess you'll just have to come back and visit :o). we can congregate in some delicious restaurant..mmm. oh yeah, and i guess visit people, too.

and i'm sure we both need haircuts by now...

Jen & Conrad said...

WooHoo Beth!!!!!! Way to go! I'm sure those fabulous pictures caused several green faces. (not that I have any idea who they are except I do recognize the coach's name.)Hope you are doing good.
Love, Jen

Alicia said...

oh i totally have some true torture coming, you're absolutely right. except it'll take another form:

i'm bound to have a ridiculously frilly girl. one that loves pink, ruffles, and just hates to get dirty. where my mom wished i was just a little more girly, i'll be on girl-overload faster than you can say "karma."

Alicia said...

(and i forgot to say, i'll be in CA till 1/6. i really hope that overlaps with your trip!)